Jungle Cake Cans


Jungle Cake is similar to Wedding Cake.. but better. This sweet hybridcomes in at a whopping 30.3% THC. Jungle Cake is a sweet strain that perfectly balances feelings of euphoria and happiness. This strain is great for enjoyment at any time of day. Jungle Cake has a sugary taste and aroma, with a sweet scent that lingers in the air.

Jungle Cake Overview

  • 30.3% THC
  • Hybrid Strain
  • Ideal for deep relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety

Smoke & Effects

This hybrid was a pleasure to smoke. Jungle Cake nugs are dense and bright green with small orange hairs scattered throughout the surface. After a few smooth and sweet inhales, I felt a rush to my head like I had never experienced before. I immediately sat down and let the high take over my body, starting at the top of my head and slowly making its way all the way down to my toes. My body felt like I was floating on a cloud, while my mind lightly drifted off into its own world. I felt a rush of euphoria take over my being and enjoyed every minute of the intense high.


Taste & Aroma

Jungle Cake has a wonderful creamy kush aroma with hints of marshmallow, diesel, and earthiness.  Like its scent, the sweet taste is a mixture of creamy sugar and pine. I wish they would make a Jungle Cake edible because I swear I could eat the flower!  One of the tastiest strains I have ever had the honor of tasting.


Jungle Cake is a great choice for enjoying in the afternoon or evening. It was a delicious strain to smoke and I loved the extreme high that it delivered. I wouldn’t recommend this strain when you have a lot of work to get done, as its 30% THC will probably knock you on your butt for a few hours. I will definitely be ordering Jungle Cake again.


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